I dreamed last night that I was looking for a café in Prague, in which there was to be a gathering of friends. (This is a clear echo of a trip to Prague last month for the opening of the Other Air exhibition, in which, on 8th February, I was leading a party of friends to a meeting of surrealists in the Café Montmartre, but took a wrong turning and completely lost my bearings.) As in the recent visit, the weather was very frosty and the streets covered in snow. In my dream it was early evening and quite dark, with the lamps lit and shadows cast. Just as I was leaving an old building in Malá Strana, I found a red metal heart, approx. 15mm across, lying in the snow on a windowsill and, below it on the ground, two silver hearts, a little smaller. I picked up all three and put them in my pocket before setting off downhill to cross the Charles Bridge. The café in my dream, although beginning with the letter ‘M’ (a German name that I cannot recall), was not the Café Montmartre, however, and was located on Karlovo, close to the Old Town Square. In my dream, the street was not lined with the garish tourist traps that it is in reality, but was very dark and only dimly lit, with few people coming and going, a mysterious place.

: The Three of Hearts playing card is the equivalent of the Three of Cups in the Tarot, a card that signifies abundance, harmony and birth. By coincidence, the morning after the dream, I received an email from our friend Helena Pope announcing the birth of her daughter.

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