What Will Be – Ce Qui Sera – Lo Que Será

What Will Be, an almanac of the international surrealist movement, for which I’ve edited a 31-page section on surrealist games with an accompanying essay, is now available from Lulu here.


Published by Brumes Blondes in the Netherlands and edited by Her De Vries and Laurens Vancrevel, it contains essays, poems, texts & images, from  over 170 contributors from 25 countries, in English, French  & Spanish, as well as a chronology of the last 50 years of surrealism, 1964-2014.

It also contains a recent poem of mine, written in August last year:

        The Monocled Wolf

I saw a wolf wearing a monocle
Leaning against a cemetery wall,
As nonchalant as you like,
And the moon smoking a cigarette
Looking over the wall to see
What was going on,
Never having encountered
A monocled wolf before.

Appearing in the form of a merry cloud
Condensed from mist in the valley bottom,
I had stopped by the cemetery gate
To see what was going on,
Never having encountered
A monocled wolf before
Nor, for that matter,
The moon smoking a cigarette.

As if a frame had been placed around us,
Captured in a rustic legend
Of lycanthropic magnification,
We exchanged glances, all three,
Laughed together at this inexplicable moment,
Then went our separate ways.

Kenneth Cox

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