Analogon 95

Analogon issue no.95 includes a translation into Czech by Katerina Pinosova of one of my poems, ‘Implausible’, which I had written after learning about the death of Josef Janda and is dedicated to him:

The original English version is as follows:


                           for Josef Janda

I sometimes wonder
Whether ghosts believe in me
And if they have any reasons to doubt my existence
Perhaps on a foggy evening
One of them has seen me standing alone at the window
Looking out with a puzzled expression
Like a surprised rabbit
Exhibited there by an unskilled taxidermist
Or if I have ever manifested, inexplicably
As the clock strikes noon
Glimpsed by a trembling of ghosts
My outline framed just for a split-second
In the doorway of a pub

I’d like to think so, but I daresay
My existence is just too implausible

				Kenneth Cox